UK Government – Energy Bill Discount Scheme: Customer Update

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30 June 2023

Help and advice if you’re worried about your bills

We understand some of our business customers may be finding these times difficult, and we can offer you support if you have any concerns with your cashflow and paying your energy bills. Please read along for some help and advice and get in touch as soon as you can if you are having financial difficulty.

Here at SmartestEnergy Business, we appreciate this can be an uneasy time for some customers and if you are struggling financially, we can offer you support and guidance. Don’t ignore the signs of financial debt, there might be ways to help including:

  • Reassessing your payment plan to an affordable amount
  • Rethinking your tariff options
  • Updating your meter readings
  • Lowering your energy usage
  • Possible additional support through our Hardship Fund
  • Government support
Payment plans

If you pay by Direct Debit, it’s really important that you do not cancel this, as you may incur additional charges and placed onto an alternate tariff. Opting for direct debit payments is often the best option as it spreads the cost of energy across the year.

Tariff options

We offer fixed and flexible tariff choices, including SmartFix, SmartFix Renewable, and SmartPay. Fixed competitive electricity prices tariffs are secured against market uncertainty. SmartPay can reduce monthly costs and allows you to choose when you pay.

Meter readings

Providing us with up-to-date meter readings will help ensure that you are being billed correctly. This prevents you from being charged for energy you haven’t used. Smart meters can save you time and money when providing you usage readings. 

Energy saving practices

Implementing quick wins where it comes to saving energy can help you combat the energy crisis in both the long and short term. Replacing your bulbs with LED lights, switching off lamps when leaving a room, and monitoring your heating can all help to lower your monthly energy costs. 

Hardship Fund Application

We will help in any way we can if your business is having difficulty paying bills. Please get in touch to discuss the options available to you, which may include a grant from our hardship fund and if you’re eligible.  

Most importantly, we are here to help you.

Speak to an advisor by getting in touch with us if you would like more information on your credit options.

  • Additional support from Citizens Advice consumer helpline to get advice on how to resolve your issues, you can contact them via

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