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How To Avoid An Energy Scam

Research by the Citizens Advice Bureau has found that almost 5 million UK consumers were the target of some sort of energy scam in 2022. Such activity is a serious threat and at an all time high as criminals pray on the financial vulnerability of consumers linked to the recent energy crisis. In this important article we offer some advice on how to protect your business against such energy scams.

Energy Bill Relief Scheme

This is our dedicated web page for the latest news and information on the Energy Bill Relief Scheme (EBRS) introduced by the Government to provide non-domestic users with support on rising energy costs. The existing scheme began on 1st October 2022 and ends on 31st March 2023. If you are a new or existing SmartestEnergy Business customer, we’ve covered everything you need to know in this article.

How To Save Energy This Festive Season

Christmas is a time of excitement, intense sales activity, rewarding customer loyalty, thanking staff with a party or two, and hopefully some well-deserved time off for all. With the cold and darker nights, celebrations, and let’s not forget the decorative lighting, it’s also a time of year when energy costs tend to be higher than others. Here are some methods to help lower these costs and encourage some simple changes to habits that over time can reduce your business energy usage.

UK Smart Grid & Smart Meters

A smart energy system is being developed in the UK that uses digital technology to revolutionise the way that we generate and use energy. At the heart of this system are smart meters, that produce accurate data and automatically provide meter readings, so that suppliers and grid operators can actively monitor consumer usage. Find out what this means for your business and the positive impact this will have on climate change.

Electricity Supply Emergency Code

The National Grid, who operate the UK’s electricity system, released its Winter Outlook Report which outlined a range of scenarios that could affect the UK over the coming Winter period. The Electricity Supply Emergency Code (ESEC) was highlighted as a precautionary measure in the ‘unlikely’ event that the UK experiences insufficient gas supplies to power homes and businesses across the country.

Wholesale Energy Costs Explained

Want to know more about wholesale energy costs, and more importantly why they are so high at the moment? In our latest article we take a look at the significance of wholesale energy costs, how they affect the UK energy market, why prices are so volatile and what your business can do to protect against such uncertainty.


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