How To Save Energy This Festive Season

Christmas is a time of excitement, intense sales activity, rewarding customer loyalty, thanking staff with a party or two, and hopefully some well-deserved time off for all. With the cold and darker nights, celebrations, and let’s not forget the decorative lighting, it’s also a time of year when energy costs tend to be higher than others. Here are some methods to help lower these costs and encourage some simple changes to habits that over time can reduce your business energy usage.

Pass Through Costs – What You Need To Know

Solar Panel Pass Through Costs

The price you pay for your electricity and gas comprises of energy and non-energy (pass-through) costs.

We fix the energy costs for the duration of your contract by purchasing your predicted usage in advance from the wholesale market. Pass-through costs however are variable and relate to other parties in the energy supply chain.

Pass-through costs are significant and make up to 40-60% of your energy bill, depending on your meter type and the location of your business.

Appointed as Supplier of Last Resort (SoLR) for MA Energy Limited customers

In what continues to be a challenging time for the UK energy industry, MA Energy became the latest in a line of suppliers to cease trading amid the soaring gas prices. As a result, SmartestEnergy Business has today announced the acquisition of approximately 1,000 business supply points with a combined usage of 116 GWh from MA Energy, through a successful bid made with Ofgem in the SoLR process.

SmartestEnergy Business launches gas shipping capability

gas shipping capability

As a licensed supplier and now shipper of gas, backed by a unique trading arrangement with its sister company(SmartestEnergy Limited), the business is now in prime position to set out its highly competitive product offering and engage on a wider scale with the UK small to medium business community.