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2 August 2022

Smart Meter Data Collection – What You Need To Know

With accurate billing and automated readings, smart meters are a great way to save your business time and money. They can also help you better understand your energy consumption and give the industry more data to efficiently manage supply and demand at national level.
Smart Meters

A smart meter is an electricity meter that shows how much energy your business is using in kilowatt hours (kWh). By automatically sharing your readings with us, it will save you the time and hassle of doing so. These readings allow us to regularly track your usage and ensure you continue to pay an accurate amount for your Budget Plan (fixed Direct Debit).

With our Web Analyser service, you can view a detailed breakdown of your usage to help understand your energy consumption and reduce your costs. Data is available in half-hourly intervals and it’s easy to create daily, weekly or monthly reports to analyse usage across meters, sites etc. This valuable tool can be useful when identifying ways to reduce your energy usage and carbon footprint.


The Pros of a Smart Meter
  • No extra cost – Free installation of smart meters
  • Save time – No need to submit monthly meter readings
  • Accurate billing – Once installed and we receive readings, you will see accurate invoices
The Data We Receive

All data gathered and received by us is encrypted, only we can see this information, with your permission.

We will only keep this data, including meter readings for as long as necessary, this is determined by the reason we collected them in the first place, such as to calculate your bills or personal data such as business name or address.

We will then use the meter readings from your smart meter to show exactly how much energy you have used on your monthly invoices.

What We Do With It
  • Do our best to keep all details accurate and up to date
  • All details and readings are protected, and only authorised people will have access to these
  • Data and readings will only be kept if it is necessary
What We Won’t Do
  • Give third parties your details and/or readings for their marketing without your permission
  • Give access to your details and/or readings to an organisation outside of the UK, unless we have your permission, and the organisation is compliant with GDPR
  • Collect unnecessary data, such as how you use appliances or equipment in your business
How We Keep Your Info Secure
  • All data is encrypted and can only be seen by us
  • Only authorised staff will have access to your readings.
If You Decide To Leave Us
  • We will not be able to access any new meter readings when your new supplier takes over

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