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21 December 2022

How To Save Energy This Festive Season

Christmas is a time of excitement, intense sales activity, rewarding customer loyalty, thanking staff with a party or two, and hopefully some well-deserved time off for all. With the cold and darker nights, celebrations, and let’s not forget the decorative lighting, it’s also a time of year when energy costs tend to be higher than others. Here are some methods to help lower these costs and encourage some simple changes to habits that over time can reduce your business energy usage.
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1. Practical energy saving tips

LED lights: If you’re decorating your premises using festive lights, go for the LED type that cost a lot less to run. Also, use a timer that’s set to switch them on and off at certain times. Switching other bulbs to LED can also provide notable savings on energy bills.

Motion detectors: An ideal way of ensuring lights are switched off is the installation of motion sensors throughout the office. Locations such as toilets, kitchens, and meeting rooms are not continuously in use and may be costing extra to light unnecessarily.

Insulation: Around a quarter of a building’s heat can be lost through a lack of insulation in the roof. Whilst this is not a quick or cheap fix, in the long-term, proper insulation could result in significant savings on your energy bills.

Draught-proofing: Small gaps and holes can result in a noticeable loss of heat energy, causing employees to turn up the heating. To prevent this, expanding foam fillers and excluder strips are effective methods of draught prevention for windows, skirts and floors.

Door closers: Make sure where possible that any external doors are not left open, or even slightly ajar to avoid heat loss. Ensure all entrances or exits have sufficient commercial grade door closers fitted. Also, that any existing closers are working correctly.

Hot water bottles: Introducing individual and personalised heating methods such as heat pads, hot water bottles and layers, you can prevent energy wastage used heating a full room or space if not many people are using it.

Double-glazing: Double-glazing your windows prevents cold air from entering the room, as well as warm air from leaving. Replacing existing seals of old glazing is a cheaper alternative and could still prevent some loss of heat.

2. Switch off electricals and turn off standby

Out-of-hours wastage is a large aspect of energy consumption in the UK. By unplugging appliances such as monitors on standby, kettles, and vending machines, you can prevent unessential costs from being added to your energy bills. Also, staff may have a lot of devices with chargers still actively plugged in, nominate someone to do a check across the premises.

3. Ensure boilers and pipes are maintained

Although boilers and pipes should be serviced regularly throughout the year, it is especially essential during the Christmas period. This is due to breakdowns potentially inducing forced closures and a loss of business. Regular servicing guarantees that boilers are operating at maximum efficiency, ultimately saving on heating bills annually.

4. Encourage employee involvement

Appoint an ‘Energy Champion’ within the office, spreading roles amongst employees. By delegating tasks to your staff, you ensure a focus on energy saving, whilst spending time on other aspects of the business. This can help with quick wins in reducing costs, such as switching off unnecessary lights and technological appliances. You could also incite friendly competition by awarding prizes to people who make the most energy-saving tasks, offering an incentive to act and improving team morale.

5. Introduce a company energy policy

A written statement policy enables staff to better understand how resources and energy usage should be managed within the business. It can provide clear guidelines on expectations of accountability, as well as inciting positive employee engagement. Get the process started over the festive period by doing some research and drafting up some ideas. You can then start the new year with a better understanding of how to make this a company wide commitment.

6. Understanding your usage with a smart meter

Through understanding energy usage within the business, companies are able to better identify areas of wastage as a means of reaching higher efficiency. By fitting a Smart Meter into your business, you are able to gauge how much energy you really need and prevent unnecessary excess. This may help to lower costs every month whilst reducing your carbon footprint. More information on the smart grid and smart meters can be found in our info hub article here.

7. Starting the new year on a journey to Net Zero

As a next generation company, SmartestEnergy Business is continuously supporting and promoting the transition to net-zero. Businesses can take an active roll this new year in managing their energy to make smarter and cleaner energy choices. Such as switching to renewable energy with our low-cost Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin backed energy products. Download our Net Zero Guide for small businesses to get started.

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