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19 December 2023

Jargon Buster – Deciphering Meter Operators (MOPs)

In the complex landscape of the energy market, acronyms and industry-specific terms often leave consumers scratching their heads. One example is a Meter Operator, often abbreviated as MOP. These crucial players in the energy market are responsible for managing and maintaining electricity meters, helping the UK national grid distribute energy accurately, prevent shortages, and ensure your bills accurately reflect to your usage. Let's unravel the mysteries and shed light on the pivotal role MOPs play in how your business receives electricity and why they’re important to consider when choosing your supplier.
The Unsung Heroes – What MOPs do

Meter Operators (MOPs) are the experts behind the scenes who ensure your energy consumption is accurately measured. They handle the installation, maintenance, and sometimes even the replacement of your electricity meters. So, if something goes wrong, your meter can be fixed or replaced swiftly and securely with next to no disruption to the day-to-day running of your business.

Beyond the Data – Why MOPS are important

To ensure that the correct meter type is installed at your business site(s), MOPs are essential. They help to identify, fit, maintain and manage your energy meters. This means that you can rest assured that your smart meter is correctly reading your energy consumption and that the data being sent to your supplier is accurate and reliable; preventing overpaying for energy you haven’t used. By finely tuning your meters, MOPs allow for precise readings that form accurate bills to help your business receive the best price and only pay for the energy you use.

Navigating the Regulatory Maze – Compliance and keeping it fair

MOPs navigate the complex web of energy regulations, ensuring that your meters comply with industry standards. This puts the maintenance burden on the experts, helping to achieve a fair and transparent UK energy market and guaranteeing compliance is being met.

Innovation in Metering – Getting smarter

With the rise of smart technology, MOPs are at the forefront of deploying innovative solutions like smart meters. These devices not only measure consumption but also enable real-time data monitoring and promote energy efficiency. You receive a free smart meter and meter installation with every contract we offer.

Team Player – Contributing to a smooth energy journey

MOPs work closely with other entities in the energy market, including suppliers and distribution network operators (DNOs), to maintain the integrity of the entire energy ecosystem. While consumers may not directly interact with MOPs, their work ensures that your energy experience is seamless with accurate billing and data collection.

Making the Right Choice – Stark and Energy Assets

Selecting the right meter operators is a critical decision, which is why we’ve taken the time to carefully choose Stark and Energy Assets to help accurately measure energy, comply with market regulations, and enable the smooth operation that is providing energy to you. With industry expertise and strong knowledge, these meter operators provide comprehensive metering solutions end-to-end – from installation to maintenance to data management and repairs. Alongside this, both meter operators maintain vast coverage across the UK, ensuring that we can supply your business with a smart meter no matter what county you’re in.

When we arrange a smart meter installation for our customers, these are the 3rd party operators working on our behalf. They arrange a time convenient to the customer and an installation is carried out with little interruption to business. The installers operate under a code of practice to ensure high customer satisfaction every time. To find out more about smart meter installation, please visit our dedicated webpage below.

In conclusion, the Meter Operator (MOP) is the silent force that keeps our electricity measurements and energy usage accurate, compliant, and ready for the future. The next time you glance at your energy bill, remember the unsung heroes that help to keep your electrical readings accurate and transparent.


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