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1 June 2023

Why choose a renewable energy supply?

Choosing the right energy product can be a challenge, especially as there are so many factors to consider nowadays. Sustainability is fast becoming a priority with decision makers, and a recent Aldermore survey showed that 53% of SMEs invested in sustainability initiatives in 2022. Opting for a renewable energy supply is one of the easiest ways to achieve this and can go a long way to enhancing your value proposition with customers, partners, and staff alike.

With the importance of climate change and need to act on a global level, many UK businesses are taking direct action and investing in sustainability initiatives. But not all of them will require funding or upfront cost. In fact, a great way to kickstart a commitment to reducing your carbon footprint is to switch to a renewable energy product.

Take for example, our SmartFix Renewable product that is designed to help your business reduce carbon emissions and start you on the journey to net zero. The energy allocated to your usage is powered by a blend of renewable generation including natural sources such as wind turbines, hydro plants, and solar panels.

Furthermore, we back the usage with renewable certificates (REGOs) to guarantee the source origin. Every unit of electricity supplied is matched by a certificate. REGOs are the industry recognised scheme and we submit them to Ofgem when reporting our renewable fuel mix. 

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Going green with a renewable energy product can also have a huge effect on your marketability and customer opinion. To help celebrate and promote your achievements, your business gets a renewable commitment certificate from SmartestEnergy Business. Proof that the energy you use is supplied from clean generation sources. Alongside this, you will receive an energy label every year, that reports your carbon emission reduction efforts.

And whilst it’s good news that energy market prices have started to stabilise in recent months, if fixing against future uncertainty is a concern, we have a number of options to secure competitive prices for up to 5 years. One less thing for your business to worry about, in addition to committing to reducing carbon emissions in the long term.

We also install the latest smart meter technology at no extra cost, saving your business time and money through accurate billing and automated readings. Smart meters are helping to develop a smart grid in the UK that allows suppliers and grid operators to actively monitor consumer usage, helping to ensure energy demands can be regularly met, in the right place at the right time, often from renewable sources.

You can also access a detailed breakdown of your electricity consumption using our Web Analyser Service. Data is available in half-hourly intervals and it’s easy to create daily, weekly or monthly reports to analyse usage across meters, sites etc.

Getting started

Make a positive contribution to climate change and start your own business journey to net zero with our SmartFix Renewable product. For further details, please download our customer product guide.

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